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Hello.  My Name is Amy Dodson and I am a Personal assistant for Authors.

I haven't always enjoyed reading.  But I have immersed myself in books since my life took a turn in 2013.  I blogged for a while and then thought about writing a story, but turns out it's not my thing.  So instead I decided I wanted to work with Authors and share their stories with the world!

I may have been in this side of the book world for only a few months, but I've met so many great authors already!  *Fan girl squeal* I look forward to meeting more and building a relationship with all of you while helping you get your work read!

I consider myself a Tech PA.  I enjoy making newsletters and making websites for authors.  If there is a program that you need help with, such as books2read or Bookfunnel - I can help with those.  Or if it's a platform that I do not know, I can easily learn it and help you there too!

I also organize book tours and blitzes for authors.  I love helping authors get their work out there to the masses.  These are great for reaching new readers that you may have not reached before.

I can help with other PA services too if you are in a pinch or between PA's and need assistance until you can find your hopefully forever PA.